‘Walk With Us – Academy’ is a sister group of ‘Walk With Us’ directed at children and young adults. Through this group we are aiming to be a voice, be a shoulder, and be there to celebrate achievements however big or small. The world we live in today can change so much from day to day. Sometimes life throws challenges at us or the ones we love and we would like to help our future generation understand how important it is to be a good human and to try to make the world a little less painful.


Each month our group will be given a focus. For example – Random acts of Kindness. We will be encouraging our group to share examples and to talk about their thoughts and feelings in the hope that they will inspire their peers. Other focuses may include bullying, LGBT, disability, mental health even looking after our environment (clean & green). We will also be watching the media and picking up on relevant topics that may be of interest. We hope to plan an event each month, encouraging group members to get involved in their community. This might be joining Walk With Us and helping with dinners for the homeless, cleaning up local areas or taking time to visit our local homes for the elderly.


We would like to encourage other groups to join our journey, be it to sponsor or join us at an event or make donations which could be used as prizes for our members. Our Academy will be funded by the mainstream Walk With Us accounts. The more money we raise the more we can do for the youth of today, who we feel miss out on some things as life skills are not taught the way they used to be.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our academy – We look forward to your involvement.