Walk With Us  Youth Collective is a sister group of ‘Walk With Us’ directed at children and young adults. 

This space is dedicated to all children. 

Our youth collective currently has mostly meet ups. The collective is looking for mentors and mentees to be involved. This includes monthly outings with activities such as random act’s of kindness with Robina Town Centre, adopting a grandparent at the local nursing home and outings including Bounce and theme parks. Our program is entirely different to any other program offered to children and young adults. Our strategy has a different focus for each activity and outing. We integrate essential life skill’s in a fun atmosphere away from the typical classroom. This engages children to be more interactive and hopefully take more away from our program for their future decisions. By becoming a mentor you could be working one on one with a child or maybe a few children gravitate to you. It’s an ever changing landscape to adapt to the environment our children are in, another reason why our plan of action is so different. We invite all children from all path’s of life to join, this is an essential part of our program. So if you know a child who is at risk or is a straight A student, this curriculum is for them. 

If you would like to sign up for this program please email youth@walkwithusgc.com.au, it is completely free for all children.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our program – We look forward to your involvement.